Celebrating Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit's 25th Anniversary 
October 25, 2003
UAW Region 1, Warren Michigan
Ethel Schwartz Convenes Gray Panthers 25th 
Anniversary Celebration 

UAW President, Ron Gettelfinger, Keynote Speaker, joined by Gray Panther Board Member, Daisy  Stanton.  Mr. Gettlefinger spoke with power on the need for a Single Payer Health Care System! 

Rep. John Conyers, Jr.,  honored by Gray Panthers for his activism, pays tribute to former Senator Paul Wellstone
Gray Panthers,  Sigrid Dale and Maurice "Mo" Geary, received tribute for their leadership & many years of hard work!   
   Newspaper Strike Heros Recognized
Raging Grannies sang songs of protest and brought color to the 25th Anniversary event.
-- Photos taken by Frank Hammer -- 
Congressman David Bonior proudly accepts Gray Panthers' award from Co-Convener Randy Block  
 of Metro Detroit
    Age and Youth in Action
Susan Watson 
Emily Everett


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