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This Calendar of events includes activities of a wide range of groups, including members of the Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN), a coalition of Metro-Detroit organizations formed to provide mutual support in our common dedication to peace and justice (see list below).  

To submit an event for the calendar, send information to  
name of event, date/time, name of speakers (if any), URL or other contact information to join the meeting.   We do not post general meeting notices, only those with an issue focus/speaker. Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit does not claim to endorse all positions of groups with events posted on this calendar. 

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  To JOIN the DAPJN, call Peace Action at (248) 548-3920.    

1)Alliance to Halt Fermi 3:  Web:

2)Citizens for Peace: Colleen Mills, 734-425-0079, ,

3)Democratic Socialists of America: Lon Herman, 248-546-8180, 

4)Detroit Catholic Worker- Day House: Tom Lumpkin, 313-963-4539, 

5)Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit: Randy Block, 248-549-5170

6)Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship & Education Project: Phyllis Aronson, 248-548-7370, and
Melanie Goldberg,   Facebook:

7)Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security & Medicare: Bob Sisler, 313-824-0952,  Web:

8)Michigan Coalition for Human Rights: Marge Sears, 313-579-9071,

9)Michigan Grail: Mary Coyle, 313-821-1074,

10)Meta Peace Team: Kim Redigan, 313-520-7465,, or Detroit office 313-483-7527 Web:

11)Michigan Stop The Nuclear Bombs Campaign: Kim Bergier, 248-515-2380,

12)Palestine Cultural Office: 313-886-5922,

13)Pax Christi Michigan: Pat Valeer, 517-481-5280, 

14)Peace Action of Michigan: Rich Peacock, 248-321-7480,, or Helen Weber, 248-548-3920  Web:

15)Pointes for Peace: Jan Scallen, 313-343-0957,

16)Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery: Clara Lawrence, Director, 248-963-7575 Web:

17)Veterans for Peace: Steve Saelzler, 734-675-4138, Web:

18)Women's International League for Peace & Freedom-Detroit: Laura Dewey, 313-882-1596,  web:
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​MONDAY'S: 4:45 p.m. DEMONSTRATE FOR PEACE: 9 Mile/Woodward
                    5 p.m.     DEMONSTRATE FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER: 11 Mile/Woodward

Interfaith Power and Light offers this conversation about how to communicate with family and friends about the climate crisis from a position of our shared values.  Click HERE to register for this event. 

Sept 15   7 & 8 p.m.     MEET THE CANDIDATES ZOOM FORUMS.  Hear major party candidates for Michigan legislature participate in forums at 7 and 8 p.m. Sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women.  Email or call for more information:  or 248-355-3300

Sept 16 noon - 1:30 p.m. EQUAL PAY ACTION DAY.  This zoom event is hosted by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Click HERE to register/get tickets.   Registrants will receive an action page and a ticket. 
For more information, contact Janet Watkins at 248-884-4732.  

Sept 16    7 p.m.  ROOTS ACTION DIGITAL CAMPAIGN TO VOTE TRUMP OUT.  Speaker: Cordell Cox, newly appointed Michigan director of Roots Action campaign.  During the primary, Cordell was head of the Bernie Sanders campaign in Michigan.  Contact Joanne Krystal, to request zoom invitation. Sponsored by the Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project.

Sept 19    10 a.m.  BLACK PANTHERS/GRAY PANTHERS -- WHO KNEW?!  Sherry A. Wells, an attorney and a member of Gray Panthers Metro Detroit Board of Directors, and Kennie Kb Bowles, Actor, will be performing a dialogue about the two movements, Black Panthers and Gray Panthers, that will highlight their common ground.  Sherry has done extensive research on both movements.  This performance includes a short celebration of the Gray Panthers movement's 50th anniversary led by Professor Mike Whitty, an early organizer of Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit.  We plan to have a birthday cake and to blow out candles on line. Click HERE to join this zoom meeting. 
Meeting ID: 811 7988 9305 or CALL: 1-646-558-8656 (New York); 1-312-626-6799 (Chicago); 1-253-215-8782 (Tacoma)

Sept 24    8 p.m. CAPTURING THE FLAG: A VIRTUAL SCREENING.  Sponsored by Ms. Magazine, this presentation shares the story of three activists who worked to combat voter suppression in North Carolina. Learn everything you need to make a voting plan,  become a poll watcher or join an election protection team. Click HERE to register for this free event. 

Sept 30    7 p.m. THE LONG VIEW: HOW PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT AFTER BIDEN IS ELECTED. Jeff Cohen, Co-founder and  policy advisor of Roots Action, will speak on support for Bernie Sanders can be translated into support for Joe Biden. He will then discuss the long view of how the progressive movement will work to influence the values and policies of the Biden administration. Jeff Cohen is a media critic, a film maker, a retired journalism professor, and a pundit on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.  Contact Joanne Krystal, to request zoom invitation. Sponsored by the Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project.