President Bush Says He's A "Compassionate Conservative. What does this mean???
(Source: October 2004 Oakland County Welfare Rights Organization Newsletter) 

If President Bush truly is a "compassionate conservative" as he claims ...:

Why is there a reduction in vouchers for subsidized housing, a waiting list of 31,000 and funds for rehabbing subsidized housing being cancelled. 

Why has the number of people living in poverty grown for the third year in a row?

Why does the number of Americans with no health coverage keep rising - presently 43.6 million?

Why is he planning to increase to 40 hours the number of hours people must work in order to receive welfare, while reducing opportunities to get more education and training?

Why are there 89,000 children in Michigan living in poverty but not enrolled in Head Start due to underfunding of the program?

Why has the income gap between the richest and poorest risen to the highest level since 1979 when this data was first collected?

Why is he pushing to continue and expand tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the rich?

Why is the U.S. spending $177 million a day, $7.4 million an hour on the war in Iraq, leaving over 2,000 Americans dead and over 14,000 Iraqi civilians dead, while domestic needs are being sacrificed for a war where no weapons of mass destruction have been found? 

Why have there been 400 major U.S. environmental rollbacks in clean water, clean air, protecting forests, etc. to the advantage of buinesses and polluting industries?

Why is the President's "No Child Left Behind" education program resulting in states having to spend more of their own funds on what many see as questionable requirements?

Why is the national debt continuing to grow ($45 billion this year), threatening the Country's economic fufure, and especially programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, housing subsidies, etc.

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