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Hold Him Accountable!
Many people are heartened by the hopeful,  pragmatic  leadership of President Barack Obama.  At the same time, Gray Panthers recognize that President Obama needs to be held accountable for the decisions he makes.  Pressure from special interests who helped Pres. Obama get elected as well as his desire to "move to the center" to reach bi-partisan  agreements may not be the best formula for doing the right thing for the American people.   

Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit will speak our truth to Obama power! 
(See Action Alerts link on this website for other times Gray Panthers has challenged President Obama to do the right thing.) 

E-mail your views to the President:  www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

SOCIAL SECURITY & ENTITLEMENT "REFORM" - President Obama is planning to meet on 2/23/09 with the "blue dog" Democrats to discuss how to deal with the growing deficit.  An important topic. However, on the agenda is "entitlement reform", a code name for cutting Social Security  and Medicare benefits to help balance the budget.  Demand  that Pres. Obama NOT go down that road.  Social Security, according to the Congressional Budget Office, is solvent to the year 2049.  Most baby boomers (b. 1946-1964) will be no longer living at that time!  Click HERE to read an article by the Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.