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This Calendar of events includes activities of a wide range of groups, including members of the Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN), a coalition of Metro-Detroit organizations formed to provide mutual support in our common dedication to peace and justice (see list below).  Members of DAPJN are now being invited to post their events on this community calendar: (under the War & Peace tag) but are welcome to continue to get additional publicity for their events by also submitting them to this GPMD events calendar at 

Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit does not claim to endorse all positions of groups with events posted on this calendar. 

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  To JOIN the DAPJN, call Peace Action at (248) 548-3920.    

1)Alliance to Halt Fermi 3:  Web:

2)Citizens for Peace: Colleen Mills, 734-425-0079, ,

3)Democratic Socialists of America: Lon Herman, 248-546-8180, 

4)Detroit Catholic Worker- Day House: Tom Lumpkin, 313-963-4539, 

5)Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit: Chuck Altman, 248-398-2852, 

6)Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship & Education Project: Phyllis Aronson, 248-548-7370, and
Melanie Goldberg,   Facebook:

7)Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security & Medicare: Bob Sisler, 313-824-0952,  Web:

8)Michigan Coalition for Human Rights: Marge Sears, 313-579-9071,

9)Michigan Grail: Mary Coyle, 313-821-1074,

10)Meta Peace Team: Kim Redigan, 313-520-7465,, or Detroit office 313-483-7527 Web:

11)Michigan Stop The Nuclear Bombs Campaign: Kim Bergier, 248-515-2380,

12)Palestine Cultural Office: 313-886-5922,

13)Pax Christi Michigan: Pat Valeer, 517-481-5280, 

14)Peace Action of Michigan: Rich Peacock, 248-321-7480,, or Helen Weber, 248-548-3920  Web:

15)Pointes for Peace: Jan Scallen, 313-343-0957,

16)Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery: Clara Lawrence, Director, 248-963-7575 Web:

17)Veterans for Peace: Steve Saelzler, 734-675-4138, Web:

18)Women's International League for Peace & Freedom-Detroit: Laura Dewey, 313-882-1596,  web:
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EVENTS - 2019

Feb 16    10 a.m. LGBTQ RIGHTS -- NO 'PLAN B'. Hear Char Davenport, a Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor, a lecturer and a long time trans activist, will speak at Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit on Governor Gretchen Whitmer's recent Executive Directive to affirm LGBTQ rights in Michigan government and through its contractors. She will also speak about Attorney General Dana Nessell's support for the Michigan Civil Right Commission's embrace of LGBTQ rights in Michigan. Royal Oak Community Center, 3500 Marais (east of Crooks, north of 13 Mile).  For more information, contact Randy at 248-549-5170. 

Feb 20    Noon - 1 p.m. Kids TALK LUNCH & LEARN.  Christina Wasilewski, a grandparent from the Head Start Policy Council, "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Growing Reality".  Bring your own brown bag lunch.  The Guidance Center, 401 Ferry Street, Detroit. 313-833-2970 

Feb 24  1-4 p.m. THE FLINT WATER CRISIS -- ACLU REPORTER CURT GUYETTE.   Speaker, Alliance to Halt Fermi III Annual Meeting, University of Michigan-Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center, 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn. or call 734-838-8084.

Mar 27 Noon - 1:30 p.m.  CESAR CHAVEZ LECTURE: Jose A. Gutierrez, J.D. , author of The Eagle Has Eyes: The FBI Surveillance of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers of America, 1065- 1975.  Location: General Lectures Hall, Room 150.  Sponsors: Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, State of Michigan Talent Investment Agency/Workforce Development Agency's King-Chavez-Parks Initiative.