Who Are Gray Panthers? 
We are older and younger people.   We are an intergenerational,  non-profit peace and social justice organization with members in Southeast Michigan, including Detroit and the Counties of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb.  We work on issues which affect people of all ages: universal health care, peace, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, challenging descrimination, education reform, economic justice, fair labor practices and campaign finance reform.  Join us! 
Convenor: Randy Block, 248-549-5170
 of Metro Detroit
    Age and Youth in Action
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Gray Panthers Zoom Presentation: Open to the Public
August  15, 2020
10 a.m. to Noon
(part of Gray Panthers public meeting) 
Click to join the meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82060728997 
Call ID: 820-6072 8997 or CALL BY REGION: 1 646 558 8656  (New York) 
or  312 626 6799 (Chicago), 1 669 900 6833 (San Jose) 


The U.S. Post Office is under attack! The Trump administration has refused to release Congress'
emergency allocation of funding for the Post Office even though some predict the Post Office will run out of funds next month. Slowing or shutting down the Post Office is being recognized as as strategy for voter suppression when absentee voting has become so important during the COVID pandemic.   Judy Beard, the top lobbyist for the American Postal Workers Union, has been leading the fight to Save the Post Office.   We're honored to have her as one of our August 15th speakers.

Senator Gary Peters, the Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs  Committee, announced on August 6th that he's launched an investigation into the postal delays. His staff informed Gray Panthers that Peters is looking for stories from the public on this issue, which can be submitted using the email address www.peters.senate.gov/postal In particular, stories of delays in medication or benefit delay are of interest, although obviously the mail delay issue is affecting everyone right now.  Gray Panthers has been coordinating with Senator Peters staff on this issue.  Gray Panthers has taken action on Saving the Post Office in 34 states through its National Council of Gray Panthers Networks.  (Randy Block, Chair, NCGPN) 

Click HERE watch a Gray Panthers Video on the Post Office Attacks
(developed by a Gray Panther from Berkeley, CA) 

CO-SPONSORS:  SE Michigan Green Party; Michigan Coalition for Human Rights; 
United Church of Christ - DMA; Peace Action of Michigan; Michigan UU Social Justice Network; Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - Detroit; SEM Jobs for Justice. Contact Randy Block at 248-549-5170. 

Become a Member of the National Council of Gray Panthers Networks, a grassroots, intergenerational social justice group with members in 38 states

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                 Judy Beard, Legislative & Political Director 
                         American Postal Workers Union

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Senator Gary Peters