Who Are Gray Panthers? 
We are older and younger people.   We are an intergenerational,  non-profit peace and social justice organization with members in Southeast Michigan, including Detroit and the Counties of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb.  We work on issues which affect people of all ages: universal health care, peace, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, challenging descrimination, education reform, economic justice, fair labor practices and campaign finance reform.  Join us! 
Convenor: Randy Block, 248-549-5170
 of Metro Detroit
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Trump's FY 18 Federal Budget Proposal
Is A Harsh Attack on Persons with Disabilities, the Sick, Low & Middle Income Families and Students
that gives $50,000 average to millionaires!
Click HERE for more information 

Call Your Senators & U.S. Representative
1-202-224-3121 (capitol switchboard)

Health Care Poem
Paul Felton, Gray Panthers Poet

Candidate Donald Trump has said
Better times for health care lay ahead
He stated it was a fact
He'd ditch the Affordable Health Care Act

He told us he had a plan 
To help every woman and man
But as it turn out he was lyin'
His plan was designed by Paul Ryan

His plan cost more and covered less
It sure created quite a mess
Even the "Freedom Caucus" sad NO
So they made it worse; it still was no go
Gray Panthers Public Meeting    

Medicare for All?!
Sister Mary Ellen Howard, BSN, MA
Retired Cabrini Clinic Administrator, Health & Water Activist

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 10 a.m.

As folks in cities big and small
Went in huge numbers to Town Halls
And made Republicans shake with fear
About their election chances next year

And so their awful plan went down
And Trump can only wear a frown
Perhaps this is the time to call
For Single Payer -- Medicare for All