Our Events

    Sat, May 15
    May 15, 10:00 AM
    “How Older Women Are Reinventing the Road Ahead”
    Sat, Apr 17
    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88624830978 t
    Apr 17, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88624830978 t
    Marjorie Mitchell, Executive Director, MichUHCAN
  • Strengthening the Safety Net for Michigan’s  UNEMPLOYED WORKERS
    Sat, Mar 20
    Mar 20, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
    Peter Ruark, Senior Policy Analyst, Michigan League for Public Policy
    Sat, Feb 20
    Feb 20, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    A Reform Whose Time Has Come!


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Regularly Updated Courtesy of Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit 

Submit events for this calendar to graypanthersmetdet@gmail.com

This Calendar of events includes activities of a wide range of groups, including members of the Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN), a coalition of Metro-Detroit organizations formed to provide mutual support in our common dedication to peace and justice (see list below).  

To submit an event for the calendar, send information to graypanthersmetdet@gmail.com

name of event, date/time, name of speakers (if any), URL or other contact information to join the meeting.   We do not post general meeting notices, only those with an issue focus/speaker. Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit does not claim to endorse all positions of groups with events posted on this calendar. 


MONDAYS: 5:15 p.m.  VIGIL FOR PEACE: 9 Mile/Woodward

                    5 p.m.      DEMONSTRATE FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER: 11 Mile/Woodward.  

                   This event will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday on the first weekend of the month.

FRIDAYS:     3:45 p.m. WE STAND WITH OUR NEIGHBORS - IMMIGRATION VIGIL SW Detroit Clark Park, corner of Vernor and Clark. Saturday's (new)11 a.m. 

May 12 (6:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) and May 13 (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)     EVICT ENBRIDGE. These two days include walk, speak out, art, dance, feast/potluck (on May 12th) and live music, speakers, dance on May 13th.  Location: Mackinaw City, MI.  Co-sponsors: Great Lakes Water Protector Group; Oil and Water Don't Mix; and Mackinawode.

Click HERE for more details. 

May 12    6 p.m.     SUPER FUN NARAL REPRO JUSTICE TRIVIA NIGHT. PRIZES!  Guest speaker Northland Family Planning.  Come support an incredible independent abortion provider. Register at this LINK to attend this zoom meeting.   Co-sponsored by Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network and Northland Family Planning. 

May 13    5-6 p.m.  THE JOBS WE NEED: A DISCUSSION ON THE BIDEN ADMIISTRATION INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN.  Michigan United is hosting a panel discussion on this topic that includes: Congressman Andy Levin and labor leaders Josh Roskamp from IATE and Brenda Hill from the Restaurant Opportunity Coalition. Sign-up HERE

May 14    2-3 p.m. AAA 1-B ADVOCACY VIRTUAL TOWN HALL.    At this event, you will learn about the "Older Americans Legislative Platform". Legislators will participate in a panel discussion re: the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver, Bridging the Digital Divide; Supporting Kinship Caregivers; The Direct Care Workforce; and Unmet Needs for Senior In-Home Service Programs.  Register Here: tinyurl.com/aaa1btownhall  For more info: kwendel@aaa1b.org

May 15    10 a.m.  WOMEN AND AGEISM -- IN OUR PRIME.  Hear Professor Susan J. Douglas, author of "In Our Prime" and several other books relating to women and girls. She's a  University of Michigan Professor of Communication Studies.  Ageism is a major barrier to living a full life after the age of 45, the age that the USDOL defines as an "older worker". RSVP HERE for this presentation sponsored by Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit.  To join the meeting at 10 a.m. on May 15th, click HERE.   Or call: 1-646-558-8656; ID: 846 1104 9108

May 15    SAVE THE DATE FOR FRONTLINE TEACH-IN.  Gather for a day of learning & to get our marching orders. 

May 16    7 p.m. WHAT IS ANTI-SEMITISM? -- A VIRTUAL PANEL DISCUSSION.  If I criticize Israel or support Palestinian Rights or BDS, will I be defined as anti-semitic?  Sponsored  by Jewish Voice for Peace Detroit.  Panelists include: Rabbi Jeff Falick; Rene Lichtman, Professor Derek Pensler, attorney activist Huwaida Arraf, and attorney activist Barbara Harvey.  Click HERE to register for this event. 

May 19    7 p.m. AFTER THE DEREK CHAUVIN VERDICT. WHAT NOW?  Huntington Woods Peace Group is sponsoring Nancy Parker, an attorney with the Detroit Justice Center, and David Robinson, a former Detroit Police Officer and a civil rights attorney who won cases against the Detroit Police Department, as speakers. A zoom link will be sent.  For more information, email joannekristal@gmail.com

May 20    7 p.m.     RACISM NOT RACE.  This program sponsored by the Women's International Peace with Freedom, Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit, Peace Action of Michigan, Swords Into Plowshares, and Jobs With Justice will feature Dr. Joseph Graves, evolutionary biologist and author of many books, will answer many questions and deconstruct  racial assumptions through scientific analysis and common language.  Register HERE



To JOIN the DAPJN, call Peace Action at (248) 548-3920.    

PLEASE SEND GROUP UPDATES TO: randyblock@yahoo.com

1) Alliance to Halt Fermi 3:  Web:  www.athf3.org

2) Citizens for Peace: Colleen Mills, 734-425-0079, cmills0079@yahoo.com 

Web: www.citizens4peace.com

3) Democratic Socialists of America: Lon Herman, 248-546-8180, lonherman@hotmail.com 

Web: www.metrodetroitdsa.com/

4) Detroit Catholic Worker- Day House: Tom Lumpkin, 313-963-4539, dayhouse@flash.net 

Web:  https://sites.google.com/a/dayhouse.org/www/

5) Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit: Randy Block, 248-549-5170

Web: www.graypanthersmetrodetroit.org/

6) Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship & Education Project: Phyllis Aronson, 248-548-7370, and

Melanie Goldberg, mel4hwpeace@aol.com   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Huntington-Woods-Peace-Citizenship-Education-Project/144083798944934

7) Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security & Medicare: Bob Sisler, 313-824-0952, rsisler@csswayne.org  Web: http://detroit.activatehub.org/organizations/126

8) Michigan Coalition for Human Rights: Marge Sears, 313-579-9071, support@mchr.org

Web: http://www.mchr.org/

9) Michigan Grail: Mary Coyle, 313-821-1074, r-coyle@sbcglobal.net

10) Meta Peace Team: Kim Redigan, 313-520-7465, kim.redigan@gmail.com, or Detroit office 313-483-7527 Web: www.metapeaceteam.org/

11) Michigan Stop The Nuclear Bombs Campaign: Kim Bergier, 248-515-2380, 2MISTNBC@gmail.com

12) Palestine Cultural Office: 313-886-5922, newashh@sbcglobal.net

Web: http://michiganpeacenetwork.org/organizations/Palestine-Cultural-Office

13) Pax Christi Michigan: Pat Valeer, 517-481-5280, paxchristi.mi@gmail.com 

Web: http://www.paxchristimi.org/

14) Peace Action of Michigan: Rich Peacock, 248-321-7480, peacemichigan@gmail.com, or Helen Weber, 248-548-3920  Web: www.peaceactionmich.org

15) Pointes for Peace: Jan Scallen, 313-343-0957, pointesforpeace@yahoo.com

Web: www.pointesforpeace.org/

16) Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery: Clara Lawrence, Director, 248-963-7575

swordsintoplowshares313@gmail.com Web: www.swordsintoplowsharesdetroit.org/

17) Veterans for Peace: Steve Saelzler, 734-675-4138, saelzler@comcast.net Web: www.vfp74.org

18) Women's International League for Peace & Freedom-Detroit: Laura Dewey, 313-882-1596, wilpfdetroit@att.net  web: http://wilpf.org/

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